Topeka Police Credit Union Fee Schedule

Effective December 18, 2013

Membership in the Topeka Police Credit Union is established by payment of a $5.00 membership fee and final approval by the Board of Directors.

Any member who causes a financial loss to the Topeka Police Credit Union or abuses account privileges, will lose all rights and privileges of membership, including access to services.

The Topeka Police Credit Union has made available to all its members a checking account with no monthly service charges- know as the “Share Draft Account”. The only expense members must cover is the check printing charge which is dependent upon the type of checks selected. A minimum balance of $25.00 is required at all times to keep your account open. Also available to all members an ATM/DEBIT Card Program.

Accounts as of this date and are subject to change with proper notification.

Membership Share$5.00
Dormant Account
    (Two years of inactivity and balance of less than $50)
and account closed
Account Reconciliation/Research$20.00 per hour
Return Check for Deposit or Loan Payment$15.00
Stop Payment Fee for Check written to Credit Union$30.00
Share Draft (Checking) AccountFree
NSF Share Draft Fee$15.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee$30.00
ACH (Electronic) NSF Fee$15.00 per item
NSF Cash & Check Card Fee$15.00 per item
Card Replacement Fee (1 per year free)$5.00
Withdraw transactions exceeding 6 per month$1.00 per WD
ATM Replacement PIN Number$5.00
ATM New Card & PIN Number$10.00
You can protect yourself against overdrawing your account with one or both of these options:
1) Having funds automatically transferred from your savings (share) account. 
This option will transfer the exact amount to cover any overdrafts.
2) Having funds automatically transferred from a preapproved line of credit. 
This option will transfer amounts in incriminates of $100.00 to cover any overdrafts.

Board of Directors approved 12/18/2013