Internet Banking

You will log in to the new system the first time using the same name and password as you did in Active Website, but our enhanced security will then require you to change your password. The new password must be at least 6 characters long and have at least one number in it. We recommend that you do not use personal information as your password, such as your social security number, birth date or phone number.

View account balances in the Accounts >Account Overview section. You can change the order of the viewable accounts by clicking the top of any column on the screen.

View account history in the Accounts >Account Detail section or you can click on any account on the Account Overview screen to see its history.  You can change the activity range to include current month activity, a certain number of days, or for a date range.  Downloads to MSMoney and other programs are available from this screen. 

You can perform transfers on your account and they will occur REAL-TIME.  No delays, you can see the effects of a transfer immediately.  Transfers are available through Account Transfers > Enter Transfer.  You can view past transfers through the Transfer Activity option.  Recurring Transfers, transfers that happen automatically at certain periods of time can also be set up under the Recurring Transfers option.

You can also transfer to other accounts by creating an External Account from the transfer screen.  It’s a link to any other member in the credit union who has activated online banking on their account.  To transfer to another account, you will need to know that member’s account number, the suffix number of their sub account or loan and their last name.  When you choose the account number, make sure you enter it in an account-suffix format, the same format as your account numbers on the Account Overview screen .  If you were transferring to account 1234’s share suffix S0, you’d need to enter1234-S0 as the account number.  Once you create the External Account, you can transfer to that member’s account by just selecting their account from your To Account Dropdown on the Enter Transfer Screen.

You can send secure messages to the credit union staff through the Messaging section.  Think of it as e-mail link directly to the credit union. Also watch for important messages from the credit union on a periodic basis.

You can also request an address change, reorder checks, request copies of cleared checks and much more.  Feel free to browse through the new site and call the credit union with any questions.